About Us

District Fellows (DFs) are aged 16-20 and part of the Woodcraft Folk, a co-operative grassroots movement for young people. We run camps and social events where we sing songs, run workshops and develop lasting friendships. We are run by and for our members.

What do you believe in?
As an organisation, we believe in peace, equality, environmental justice, co-operation and youth empowerment.

What do you actually do?
There are DF groups all over the country, whose members meet up locally to catch up, play games and organise local events. However, the main excitment of the modern DF movement comes from our national events, where young people from all over the UK can come together to make lasting memories and friendships. DF events have consistently varied programmes, with Activism workshops, music and crafts all featuring.

How are you run?
We’re an autonomous organisation within the Woodcraft Folk, completely led by our members. Every year, at Business events called Things, members vote on our policies and elect new members to DF Committee.

What do you learn about?
As young people, we are the future, so it’s vital we’re aware of what’s going on in the world. We learn about war and peace, struggles for equality and tackling the climate crisis. We also run educational projects, like MEST-UP (Mediation, Education, Support Team Umbrella Project) where we learn about sex, consent, drugs and mental health.

How can I find out more?
Please explore our website and follow us on Instagram.