How easy it is for everyone to take part in something. Accessibility issues could be lots of steps at an event, venues being very far away, no lactose- or gluten-free food etc.

Other terms linked to Accessibility include: Accessibility Representative, BME, Committee

The supervisory role of Accessibility Representative has the job of making sure all accessibility needs are considered. They work at making events and Business available to as many people as possible.

Other terms linked to Accessibility Representative include: Accessibility

When it is decided that something needs to be done at a business event, an "action" is recorded. This states what must be done and by whom, often giving a time frame. Committee and Non-Committee roles can have actions they must complete, on their own or in groups. It is the Laymembers' job to make sure everyone is completing their actions and coping with the workload.

Other terms linked to Actions include: Laymembers

The DF movements votes on a Campaigns (for example refugee rights). This involves protests and publicising, and can be a key part of the purpose of the movement. We can colaborate and plan our activism at Things.

Other terms linked to Activism include: Activism Representative

Other terms linked to Activism Representative include: Activism

The voter puts a number by each candidate, with a one for their favourite, 2 for their second favourite and so on. They can put numbers on as many or as few as they wish.

If more than half the voters have the same favourite candidate, that person is elected. If nobody gets half, the numbers provide instructions for what happens next.

The counters remove whoever came last and look at the ballot papers with that candidate as their favourite. Rather than throwing away these votes, they move each one to the voter’s second favourite candidate. This process repeated until one candidate has half of the votes and is elected.

Other proportions, for example a two thirds majority can be used.

Other terms linked to Alternative vote include: Single Transferable Vote

The DF business year starts and ends in early September, at our Annual General Meeting held at the residential business event, Althing. It is named after the world's oldest parliamentary system, that of Iceland. Here is where the DF committee, regional council and other key DF roles are elected, for which any member of the Woodcraft folk of DF age may stand. It is run by committee themselves, and expects around 60 people for one weekend, although the weather is usually nice so part camping can be nice so long as there is a large meeting room. DF committee and regional council are obliged to attend so do not pay.

Other terms linked to Althing include: committeee

Woodcraft Folk's yearly meeting which aims to pass motions to affect the direction of the movement. It is a two day long event with workshops and discussions.

Other terms linked to Annual Gathering include: Althing

Black and Minority Ethnic

Discussions, workshops and planning about the running of the DF movement. This takes place at Althing, Regional Things and Mini Things within events.

Other terms linked to Business include: committee

This is a game played throughout a social event. Each player picks three pieces of paper out of separate hats. One has a a place, normally somewhere on site. One has a person, someone else who is playing the game. The last has an object. The aim of the game is to "kill" the person you picked by having them voluntarily hold the object in the selected place. Once you have "killed" you person you then collect their cards and plan to "kill" their person. The game ends when you are "killed" or you "kill" the person who had the card with your name on it.

Other terms linked to Camp Cluedo include: DF Camp

Every two years the DF movements votes on a new campaign (for example refugee rights). This involves protests and publicising

A meeting of people from a specific group to discuss their experience in life, on an event or problems they have faced.
It is a good opportunity for some people to discuss things they would not feel comfortable talking about with others. Typical examples are the BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) caucus, LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and more) caucus, fat caucus and chronic illness caucus.

Other terms linked to Caucus include: BME, LGBT

This is a committee member whose job is to look after the DF chair. This is a small chair about 15 cm tall that should be looked after as if it were their own child. Although care is the Chair Carers main role, they also are expected to upload picture of the chair on its journey through life.

Other terms linked to Chair Carer include: Chair of DF Committee

Their job is to facilitate the running of committee. Often they are the initial person of contact for people outside of DFs and Woodcraft Folk.

Other terms linked to Chair of DF Committee include: Chair Carer

Facilitating a discussion and workshops to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak and participate. This mainly involves recording the order people wish to speak.

Other terms linked to Chairing include: Chair of DF Committee, business

An assigned group on an event which you tasks such as cooking, washing up and site tidy with. There is a clan rota on each event to make sure the workload is spread out evenly.

Other terms linked to Clan include: DF Camp, Winter Wonderland, Spring awakening

When there is a vacant role in DFs outside of Althing, DF committee appoints someone to the role through voting at Regional Things. This might be done if: a member of DF committee steps down, no one stands for a role at Althing, or a Vote of no confidence in an elected member of DF committee is passed.

Other terms linked to Co-opting include: vote of no confidence

The group of people elected at Althing (or co-opted at Regional Things) who facilitate the running of DFs. Committee vote on decisions that do not need to be made at Things.

Other terms linked to Committee include: Thing, business, Althing

The Communications Rep is responsible for keeping all current and potential DFs updated about the movement. This involves making sure the website is updated regularly, maintaining an active presence on social media, and responding to emails promptly. They also manage the spanthatworld email accounts which are key to everyone being able to do their job properly.
The big event of the year, a weeks camping in the middle of August with a whole load of laid back workshops and lounging around in the sun. It is traditionally where we do a lot of the work on the projects and campaigns that DFs support, although there is much time for any kind of thing you want really. The dates have to chosen carefully to avoid exam results and other Woodcraft events of the year.
DFs (District Fellows) are the 16-20 year old members of the co-operative educational youth charity, The Woodcraft Folk, whose ideology is based on the principles of equality, peace, social justice and co-operation, with an emphasis on the empowerment of young people.
The way in which DFs are sorted into geographical groups. Each district will have group meetings, if sometimes irregular.
Six to nine year old people in the Woodcraft Folk. You become an Elfin on your 6th Birthday, and finish on your 10th.
This is said or sung by Woodcraft Folk groups at camps and events. Members stand in a circle. This shall be for a bond between us, That we are of one blood you and I; That we shall cry peace to all, And claim kinship with every living thing; That we hate war, sloth and greed, And love fellowship. And that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world. Peace.
This is a one year role, typically done after being Shadow Events for one year. The Events Rep is the person that oversees the organisation of Events (both business and social), which involves booking venues and appointing and assisting coordinators.
A means of spreading the costs of travel more evenly across participants of an event, so that the people who had more expensive travel pay less.
The individual responsible for all things first aid related in DFs. On events they are responsible for ensuring all first aiders are briefed and confident for shifts. Off events they are jointly responsible for first aid Training (with the Training Rep) and making sure the first aid kit is fully stocked.
A caucus that can be listened into but not contributed to by an additional audience. It is called a fish bowl because the audience forms a larger circle around the caucus to listen in.
The act of raising money for DFs. There is a fundraising role on committee and they work to find different mean for DFs to raise money outside of DFs.
Member of DF Committee that also attend National Woodcraft General Council meetings. They are the point of contact for both National Woodcraft Folk to communicate with DFs, and DFs to communicate with National Woodcraft folk
The International Falcon Movement (Socialist Education International) is generally known as the "Umbrella Organisation" of The Woodcraft Folk (Which is the umbrella organisation of DFs)
This can be said or signed to ask what something means. The sign is to wave your hand over your face with an open palm facing you.
Keeper of the Equipment (Keeper of the Kit). Their job is to make sure events have all the necessary equipment in all the right places. They maintain and make sure it is being used correctly.
The Keeper of the Garbage. This can be seen as the best and worst job to have on camp. It is your job to keep the toilets clean, the rubbish system working and the camp tidy. Why also the best you ask? It gets you out of doing food prep!
Keeper of the Provender. They facilitate the ordering and preparing of food on an event.
There are two lay member positions on committee that are typically elected alternatively with 2 year long terms. The lay members provide support for any member if they feel they are struggling in their role. They make up two of the four pastoral care roles within committee. If they wish to, they can create an project for themselves, or if the know of a DF project that is running outside of committee they can help members running the project to maintain a link between the project and committee. The Odd Lay Member is elected on an odd year, and the Even Lay Member is elected on an even year.
A song typically sung at the end of events with the lyrics: Link your hands together A circle we make This bond of a friendship No power can break Let's all sing together In one mighty throng Should any be weary We'll help them along Should any be weary We'll help them along
London Liaison is the person who keeps in contact with the London Folk and goes to the regional meetings to keep good lines of communication between DFs and the London Region Folk. London Liaison also organises social events for London DFs throughout the year.
The performance at the end of an event where people show off their ranging talents. From signing to milk drinking contest, whatever you want to do you'll be welcomed
Standing for Mediation, Education Support Team Umbrella Program, MEST-UP is a programme of workshops delivered by a trained and impartial team of DF's that aim to educate people on event, as well as provide emotional and conflict resolving information to aid the mental wellbeing and enjoyment of camp to all of the individuals there; equally and unbiased.
This is a small business experience within a social event. It gives people who haven't had any experience of the running of the DF movement an idea of what it is like, hopefully encouraging them to attend Regional Things throughout their time at DFs
The way in which people are woken in the morning on events. The traditional call is: All Yee who dwell within this camp give ear. Awake, arise for the earth has cast of the dark cap of night and is arrayed in the bright garments of day All yee who dwell within this camp awake arise Although there are inevitably variations of this that develop
A suggested change that is discussed and voted on at Althing, or for National Woodcraft Folk AMG
The oft-forgotten event of the year, with good reason. It is where the Old DF committee handover all their responsibilities and current tasks to the New DF committee, as do all the other roles elected at Althing. Only elected members go, and it has in recent years been held at one of those people's houses, so organised by them, with a small fee being given to the owners of the house for its use.

This role works to build relationships and collaborate with other organisations. They are the point of contact for DF committee for collaborations and relations with the DF movement.

Other terms linked to Outreach include: affiliations

10 to 12 year old people in the Woodcraft Folk. You become a Pioneer on your 10th Birthday and finish on your 13th.
These are business events that happen 3 times a year. They are where DFs discuss important issues relating to the DF movement and the wider world.
The broader preventative and precautionary approach to planning and procedures that need to be in place to protect DFs from any potential harm or damage.
The DF Committee member who is responsible for insuring the safeguarding policies are upheld and kept up to date. They keep records of concerns and issues and often communicate with Central Woodcraft to help work towards solutions. They also organise getting DBS checks completed for DFs in positions of responsibility. The Safeguarding rep works closely with MEST-UP.
A game played throughout an event where names are put into a hat, or other suitable vessel, and you randomly select another person's name (if you pick up your own put it back!) and have to secretly do nice things for them. Maybe you'll send someone to give them a hug from you, find them a nice rock, make them a friendship bracelet or get creative with a treasure hunt. The only limit is your creativity. At the end of the event it is up to you whether you want your secret friend to know who you are.
The Secretary's job is to facilitate the smooth running of DF Business. They, in coordination with the Chair and Vice Chair, must ensure an agenda is prepared for every meeting. Another aspect of their role is making sure that the general consensus of the movement at large, as laid down at Althing, is being followed through the actions taken by committee and other bodies within the movement. The Secretary also creates, edits, and releases public minutes taken at meetings, and is responsible for the maintaining of the movement's policy documents and constitutional documents (The Constitution and Democratic Procedures). Finally, the secretary oversees the DF membership database.
The Shadow Events Rep is a one year role, typically done with the intention of then doing Events for one year afterwards. The Shadow Events Rep assists and learns from the Events Rep.
This role has a one year term in which they learn from and assist the current Treasurer, with the goal of taking over from the current Treasurer at the next years althing. The constitution states that only DFs who have previously held the role of Shadow Treasurer can become Treasurer.
A voting system where you vote by listing the candidates you want to get into a position in order of preference. A candidate gets in if they have a predetermined proportion of the 1st preference votes, if not then the candidate with the lowest proportion of votes gets eliminated and the 2nd preference of voters who had the eliminated candidate as a first choice is taken into consideration. Hence the vote has been transferred. This continues until a candidate passes the predetermined proportion. If this does not happen then the vote ca be considered inconclusive.
Not events like the others, but STWWM/STWWC are things to do in your own region. STWWM is encouragement to run your own music gig/acoustic night/whatever to promote DFs to your friends or strangers. Similarly STWWC is an excuse to dress up a bit differently, however you like, and explain DFs to the people who will inevitably ask questions like "Why are you dressed up like a jedi smurf?" or something like that. They are fundraising events, so as much for DFs as well as the general public.
Billed as the DF's 'back to basics' event, it is the first camping event after the new year. There is usually training of some kind, such as first aid or leadership, and more traditional workshops like bush craft, site conservation or digging a really deep hole. It is held in the schools' Easter holidays and lasts for 4 nights.
The Sustainability Rep works to promote environmentally friendly actions within DFs. This could be from making sure events are planned to use minimal single use plastic, or advertising beach clean up events or similar.
A way that the feeling of a group can quickly be checked. People are asked to do a temperature check and positive responses shake both hands horizontally high up, and for negative it's down low. This is often done when a meeting or workshop has dragged on for a very long time
A Thing is a weekend long business event where DFs discuss important issues relating to the DF movement and the wider world
The role of training on committee organises any training that happens within DFs. This training can either be run internally by other DFs, or externally by other organisations. For example, for first aid training they will contact an external body to come to an event and run a training session.
The person who is in charge of managing the finances of DFs. They make sure the money going in and out of the DFs' bank account is all accounted for; they keep records of how money has been spent and where funding for DFs has come from. They are helped by the Shadow Treasurer.
A once three yearly national camp for Venturers (13 to 15 year old Woodcrafters) with attendance in the hundreds. Often heavily organised and run by DFs and Venturers. It is on every (3n + 1)th year. For example, if n = 800, the Venturer Camp will fall on the year 2401 (=3x800+1)
The role of vice chair is elected at Old/New by the rest of committee and will be taken by someone already elected to a committee role. Their role is to support the Chair by helping organise business and keeping committee things ticking over. They are also another port of call for DFs, committee or otherwise, to discuss any issues.
When members feel the person filling a role is doing an inadequate job, or is harming the DF movement, they can call for there to be a vote on whether that person remains in the role. Any member of the movement can call a vote of no confidence in an elected role in DFs. Committee votes on this. A vote of no confidence is automatically triggered if an elected role does not submit a quarterly report twice in a row. A two thirds majority is required for success.
The web fairy is responsible for everything directly to do with the running of the website That involves editing the site, making sure the people who need access have access and making sure it's hosted properly.
This is the event held on 27th to 30th December indoors in a hostel or bunkhouse.
A casual term given to people who are part of the Woodcraft Folk
The Workers Beer Company runs bars at events in the UK and Ireland. We have been operating since 1986 and during this time have worked at most of the major festivals including Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, Latitude, Longtitude, Electric Picnic, Slane Castle and the Fleadhs. All the frontline staff in Workers Beer Company bars are volunteers. They are from trade union branches, the labour movement, grassroots organisations, community groups and charities. For every hour they work money is donated to the organisations, campaigns and charities they support. This was, and still is, a pioneering model that both raises funds and inspires people. Woodcraft DFs sometimes volunteer for them.
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