DF Fundraising

DFs is mostly self-sufficient, the money we raise from running social events (Winter Wonderland, Spring awakening, DF Camp) covers the cost of running Business ones (Things). However, we would like to be able to make our camps more accessible (by having discounted fees or being able to help people more with travel costs) and also be able to run more events in general which we currently do not have the funds for (such as booking coaches to travel to protests).

By donating to our Just Giving campaign, you can help us organise UK-wide residential trips, camps, Campaigns and workshops. This means more young people get to experience the benefits of Woodcraft Folk and explore topics such as peace, equality, environmental justice, co-operation and youth empowerment!

If you used to be a DF and had a good time at our events or just have a bit of extra money and would like to help us out please donate.