The beauty of Woodcraft Folk is that we’re not paid to do this. Instead, we’re driven by a desire to make amazing and loving spaces for children and young people to become themselves while learning to change the world. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you were a beneficiary of this desire, so why not give back? Woodcraft groups and events across the country (or even the world!) need talented young people to help out however they can. Whether it’s by being a group leader who leads weekly sessions; by dropping in whenever you can to help out; by being a group Treasurer or any combination/variation, do what you can to keep our movement alive.

A perfect opportunity to volunteer with a new group, is when you go to university or move away from home. Check out the find a group pages on the Woodcraft Website to find a group in the town you’re moving to; or even one in your home town you didn’t know existed!

Have anything excited lined up in the future? Starting a new Woodcraft Group or district and want some DF participants and group leaders? Let us know so we can get the word out! We literally can’t do this without you!

email: comms@spanthat.world or membership@woodcraft.org.uk