DF Committee

DF Committee is the ruling body of DFs, elected every September at Althing. Each member is in charge of a key aspect of the movement, like events or Fundraising. The combined efforts of Committee make sure everyone can enjoy their time in DFs.

Supervisory Roles

Esme and MickeyAccessibility Rep

Committee Roles

Paul and EmilyActivism Rep
TylerChair of DF Committee
Tyler and TallulahCommunications Rep
NualaEvents Rep
Parker and NoahFundraising Rep
IslaEven Laymember
SimeonOdd Laymember
Amelia and TabbyMEST-UP Coordinator
Maya HBOutreach Rep
SadieSafeguarding Rep
WilfSecretary of the DF Movement
CallieShadow Events Rep
Joe HShadow MEST-UP Coordinator
Maya LShadow Treasurer
CarmenTraining Rep
Joe W and MorganTreasurer

Secondary Roles

PaulVice Chair of Committee
MorganCommittee General Council
EsmeCommittee General Council
MorganChair Carer
EmilyResource Fairy

Non-Committee Roles

EsmeFirst Aid Fairy
Carmen and MorganVenturer Committee & Venturer camp Liaison
MickeyInternational Opportunities
TylerAlthing General Council Odd
PaulAlthing General Council Even
TylerPodcast Coordinator
VacantLondon Liaison
LaraWales Liaison
AislingScotland Liaison
SvenManchester Liaison
SerenBig Camps Rep
PaulSustainability Rep