✨✨✨✨✨Zine!………and STICKERS✨✨✨✨
One Zine is on it’s way to your door shortly so it is time for another this time it is the call of the No Theme Zine. submission deadline 14th of april

That’s it no theme it can be ANYTHING your favorite DFs recipe from an event, a poem, a doodle, something you have been pondering a while, your lates meme, feedback from a protest or Training you did with DFs? Some themes to think of for the campaign (bring your friends, no borders), glitter, music, food, drugs culture, nice walks, something done by your whole district, fun times, Accessibility, environmentalism, a craft activity done with Elfins, mental health, the glorification of stress, Activism, internet culture, the weather, it’s completely up to you! You could even do a no theme submission ?

With this next zine we will have another fun surprise ?,
That’s right Dfs will be printing stickers to send right to your door. Again any submission is welcome. sadly we might not be able to print them all but we’ll do are best <3 if you want it to be a sticker please making it A4 or to the same ration (they’ll be printed A7 but making them bigger means they’ll come out higher quality)


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