Event Co-ordinators Needed

Are you interested in how events come together? Ever wanted to help run an event?

Consider becoming an event co-ordinator for DF Camp!

You can be one of 4 things:

  • Admin – They organise bookings, shifts, clans, and keep everyone updated on what’s going on.
  • KP (Keeper of the Provender) – They write menus, order the food and oversee cooking Clan while they cook meals.
  • KE (Keeper of the Environment) – They make sure the site has all the necessary equipment in all the right places. They maintain it and ensure it’s used correctly.
  • Programme – They organise the workshops and activities that will happen on an event, during the day and evening.

Everyone on an event coordination team works with the events rep – currently Robin Lyster.

Interested? Message Robin on Facebook, or email him at events@spanthat.world.

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