Introducing Winter Wonderland 2023

After an incredible weekend launching the new era of DFs at Autumn Nocturne, we are thrilled to announce our next event: Winter Wonderland 2023!

Taking place in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset between December 27th- 30th, this year’s theme is UPRISING. But uprising against what you ask? Surely your political standings as a youth movement in the present day United Kingdom aren’t allowed to be that obvious?!

And you would of course be right. The team are describing it as having more of a ‘cyberpunk dystopia’ vibe than anything else. Expect big things from this one folks, after our recent success we’re scaling up our capacity on this event to have the most DFs on an event since pre-covid times (an eternity in DF years)

To book your place and join us for 4 days of DF chaos this holiday season, please click the link below!

You’ll hear more from us in the coming weeks regarding the programme we’ve got planned for this event. But know that it’s gonna be really good. Like REALLY good.

Blue Skies,

Tyler Eckersall,

DF Communications Rep (who is definitely not coordinating the programme for this event…)

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