Introducing Autumn Nocturne 2023

We’ve had a busy summer figuring out the future of DF’s, but we are very happy to finally announce the start of the next generation of DF’s.

From October 20th – 22nd, we are hosting our very first DF Autumn Nocturne near the wonderful Stoke-On-Trent. What started out as simple converstations between DF’s on this years DF Camp resulted in the creation of our new DF Formal event! The saturday night of this event will be known as The Nocturne, and will see us make a meal well beyond your expectations. This weekend is a residential, so we’ve got access to a proper kitchen to do you proud. We hope to follow this up with a great evening of your standard DF fun.

As the older DF’s age out, a new generation has been elected onto DF Committee 2023/24, and we are passionate about defining DF’s for a new era. For all the new DF’s we picked up on our travels to Venturer camp just a few weeks ago, this is the perfect event for you to see what DF’s is about.

Excited is an understatement. This is going to be a very special event for us. The coordination team are really looking forward to delivering a glorious social event that we hope will cement it’s place in our annual calendar. Plus, we’ve got this amazing new version of the DF logo that just makes everything seem so formal.

We cant wait to see you, so get booking HERE

Blue Skies,

Tyler Eckersall

DF Communications Representative

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