WANTED: DFs to join the DF Camp 2024 Coordination Team!

DF Camp 2024 is currently scheduled for August 4th-11th and is set to be our biggest DF Camp in over 5 years! But a bigger event needs a bigger team of volunteers, which is why we need YOU to help us make this event be the best it can be!

We are looking for DFs to join these teams:

The KE TeamResponsible for knowing the site on-event and coordinating site tidy shifts

The Admin Co-ord Team Responsible for keeping the event planning on-track, doing some of the pre-event paperwork and leading the circles on-event

The KP Team Responsible for the food planning and ordering pre-event and leading the cooking clans on-event

The Programme TeamCreates and coordinates the event’s programme, including having the largest say in choosing the theme

All of these roles will be undertaken in teams of at least two people, so you wont be on your own! The more volunteers we get, the better the event can be.

If you would like to volunteer, or if you have any questions about volunteering for DF Camp 2024, please email events@spanthat.world

DF Camp will be great, but with your help, it can be even greater!

-DF Communications Team

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