Introducing DF Camp 2024!

Not all DF Camps are created equally.

Especially when they’re in a busy Woodcraft summer

Every 5 years* , DF Camps have to compete with an international camp like Common Ground, organised by a coordination team 20 times the size of anything we could put together.

Every 3 years, DF Camps must compete with Venturer camp, an event typically heavily organised by… DFs

But what happens when DF Camp gets a summer to itself?

When a DF movement that has been getting bigger and bigger all year is due to host it’s biggest event yet?

Experience it for yourself.

DF Camp 2024 will be held between August 4th – 11th near Chelmsford, Essex.

Bookings open Sunday 9th June at 7pm, and you’ll find the link right here on the website.

We can’t wait to tell you what’s in store.

See you there,

DF Communications Team

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