DF Committee 2023/24 Nominations are OPEN!

Following another succesful year of DF’s, we’ve realised there’s an Althing on the horizon.
But before we start on any kind of election, we need candidates. And thats where you come in!

Are you a DF who wants to shape the future of the movement? Well DF Committee needs you! We have a number of Committee and Non Committee roles available for election:

Committee Roles: Vacant Due To DF Ageing Out Mid-Term

  • 1 Year Term                                          
    • Events Representative – Oversee the organisation of Events (both Business and social), book venues and appoint and assist coordinators.
    • Shadow Events Representative – Support the Events Representative!
    • Activism Representative – Represent DF’s within wider politics, ensuring our movement has a voice amongst other youth movements!
    • MEST UP Coordinator Lead the national MEST-UP team and organise workshops at DF events and beyond!
    • Shadow MEST UP Coordinator – Support the MEST UP Coordinator!
    • Shadow Treasurer Train for a year under the current Treasurer to take up the role next september!
    • Chair Of Committee – Keep DF Committee moving forwards, lead the discussion at things and generally hold things together!!!
  • 2 Year Term
    • Fundraising Representative – Coordinate DF’s volunteering at Festivals on behalf of the movement, apply for grants and explore other cool things like DF merch!
    • Laymember (odd) – Help other members of committee with tasks when they need it. Ensure no one is overworked!
    • Outreach Representative – Advertise the movement to venturer groups and external organisations, recruiting more people for the cause!
    • Safeguarding Representative – Manage any Safeguarding issues which arise in DFs, maintaining a point of contact between those affected, DF Committee and central Woodcraft.
    • Secretary Of The Movement – Coordinate our business agendas, manage the DF Consitution and make sure everything is done up to DF and Woodcraft regulation.
    • Training Representative – Coordinate and organise training sessions for the movement (e.g. MEST UP and First Aid)

Non Committee Roles:

  • 1 Year Term 
    • First Aid Fairy Manage the national DF first aid kit
    • Venturer Liaison – Liase with the venturers and answer any questions they have to ease their transitions into our movement
    • Zine – Bring back the DF zine
    • General Council (even) – Represent DF’s on Woodcraft’s General Council
    • Podcast Coordinator – Bring back the DF podcast
    • London Liason, Scotland Liason, Wales Liason and Manchester Liason Represent one of these areas containing a high concentration of DF’s
    • Big Camps Representative – Represent DF’s to the Camp100 planning team
    • Sustainability Representative – Keep DF’s as environmentally conscious as possible!
    • Accesibility Representative – Ensure every decision Committee makes benefits everyone equally, and that events are as accessible as possible
    • Web Fairy – Manage the DF Website alongside the Communications representatives
  • 2 Year Term
    • General Council (odd) – Represent DF’s on Woodcraft’s General Council

If you can see yourself doing any of these, please dont hestitate to nominate yourself! Nominations can be submitted using the google form HERE . (You can even run as pair for nearly every role listed, so if you want to split the responsiblities with a DF mate, both submit two forms and just let us know in your speech!)

As for Althing, we’re still finalising the details, but dont worry: You can still run for a role even if you can’t attend the event in person!

Over in comms land, I’ve been hard at work on the voting system too to allow everyone to get their say, even if they can’t make it to the event. It’ll be ready soon, so keep an eye out on the @woodcraftdfs instagram and here on the website for that!

Any issues or questions, just drop us an instagram message and one of the comms team will be able to help!

Your deadline for filling in the form is Sunday 13th August at midday!

Happy nominating!

Tyler Eckersall,

DF Communications Representative

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