Introducing Spring Thing 2024!

The first DF Business residential of the year is coming up in just a few weekends time!!

Spring Thing 2024 will be happening near Wolverhampton between February 16th-18th. Here, DFs will gather to discuss updates to our policies and our future plans for the upcoming summer! It’s not all business at DF Things though, we still find time to have fun in the evenings!

Of course, we are legally obligated to say that DF Business is also fun. If you’ve never participated before, you’ll quickly realise that we do things quite differently. If you want to read more about our methods, please see our democratic procedures document!

Bookings for the event only cost £10, unless it’s your first thing, in which case it’s FREE!

That’s right. Free.

So why not come along? You can find the Spring Thing booking form and many other wonderful DF opportunities at our linktree at the button below.

DF Committee would love to see you there 🙂

Tyler Eckersall

Chair of DF Committee 2023/24

preaching to our 5 website readers (you guys are the realest, thank you)

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