Where on earth is Spring Awakening 2024?!

(UPDATE 26/03/24: Spring awakening 2024 has been cancelled, please read the next chronological news post. Please note the irony of this post has not been lost on the DF Communications Team)

We have heard your cries. Our comms team have received your many emails, comments and messages.


We responded to some of them. Hoping and dreaming for a day when Spring Awakening would finally be announced.

On February 17th, we said “expect to hear more about Spring Awakening shortly!!” Our definition of the word ‘shortly’ may have slightly differed from yours.

On February 23rd we humorously posted an instagram story saying “Could it be? Spring Awakening bookings?” . We later found it, it could not.

It was not until today, march 11th, that we finally announced Spring Awakening 2024.

It’s being held near Whitby between April 4th-8th. And it’s circus themed. And it’s going to be really really good.

We hope you had fun on this magical journey to the booking form. The power is in your hands now.

See you in April,

-DF Communications Team

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